Hard Core Roleplay

Join what's left of humanity. The world may be ruthless and unruly but there is one unifying authority - The United Nation.

Host: earth.republicraft.com

Earth Server

We take Role Play to the next level. If you wish a great positive or negative experience, in a world where you can be anything you fight for, in a world rulled by citizens where you will experience beautiful and ugly things just like in real life, in a world where you can learn to love or hate.


Do you want to hear something great? Republicraft is the first server to have it's own Internet. If you visit a cyber cafe and take a sit on a computer you will be able to create an account and use all the features from UNET (United Nations Network). Some features: E-banking, Real Estate, GPS, Search Engine, Create your own website, Company House and many more.

Mars Server

Heard about what the Government is doing? Maybe it is researching a Space Program for citizens to go to Mars. Playing on Earth will give you a chance, if a pilot or a chosen one, to be part of a crew that goes to Mars, mines and gets resources back home.

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