Privacy & Data Collecting Republicraft is defined by domain and all subdomains of and the IP/HOST which has direct connection to the Minecraft Server Entity.

Logging in to Minecraft
Logging in to Mojang/Microsoft Minecraft account is not in any way affiliated with Republicraft. The Company that owns Minecraft has their own API Gateway that makes sure a user is validated and gets access to a Minecraft session.
All data served by the user, within the Minecraft Launcher is not our subject of interest.
Logging in to Republicraft
When you are logging in to Republicraft, you are already logged in into your Minecraft account, Mojang only providing us with an Unique Identifier to let the server know the username of the player and the fact that he is logged in.
Republicraft is hosted at a third party Hosting Company, which has ownership over all data from within the files. We, those holding Republicraft only have access to the files, to start / stop / debug / install / deinstall and config plugins and server settings.
Republicraft is not storing your IP because of an internal decision, but because the Server version of Minecraft and the other third party plugins need to identify the connections and validate future connections to prevent multi login or attacks.
We use player IP's to check if they are multi account - and nothing more. Since most of the times people have a dynamic IP, it's most probable that it only shows informations about the internet provider you are having and the fact that you are in a residential area.
Storing your UUID (Unique Identifier provided by Mojang) is for offering you the proper gameplay as intended. For example, if we gift you once 24h / the plugin doing that, stores your UUID in a temporary list, to know when you took the daily gift and for the plugin to know who to give it to.
Since UUID and your private account email is not disclosed by Mojang, you should not worry on us having your own personal data. UUID is just a safety method integrated by Mojang to make players distinct.
Forum and other Republicraft Products When you create your forum account, we need your email so we can then validate the login and show you the contents of the forum in a personal way. Other then that, we do not disclose your email to any third parties. We may from time to time email you with subjects related to Republicraft, and give you the possibility to opt out of receiving emails. Forum and other Republicraft Products Passwords We do not have access to your passwords, because we store them encrypted. If you lose your Forum or Other Product password, we may reset it with a temp one, providing you with the possibility to change it, from within the respective product.


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