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Created topic  › My call to United Nations

     In attn to PapaPando (REPUBLICRAFT), the United Nations Representative,

     I, current Rebel King and some of my fellow Rebels, had some discussions and concluded the following:

    1. Ending of the war.

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Replied to topic  › Server Reset

Please mister can we negotiate?

If this has something to do with my inactivity too, fuck it. I'd rather go away on my own.

If it's related to me starting a war. I WILL STOP IT. I STOPPED IT.

If it's related to Republicraft officials, about not doing too much to

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Event time:

«  2018-06-17
Created topic  › The King and The Queen

  Dear Rebels and dear Citizens of Republicraft,

  It is my great honour to announce that I did not choose a Queen, but rather she chose me. 

xXThemisXx fell in love with the Rebel Kingdom, without even knowing me too much. She showed great personallity

«  2018-06-17
Created topic  › Throne Succession

    I, The King of all Rebels, even if my Kingdom is not yet put to life, wish to return for a short period of time to solve the throne succession issue, as I promised the owner I would do. For that, a bunch of my fellas will be joining. Some you already know, some you'll meet for t

«  2018-06-02
Replied to topic  › My last reply to the senate scandal

I've seen all your discussions and how you treated the subject. I watched all your other topics from the senate forum and it doesn't feel like anyone asked you to agree 100%. I talked to Pando today and I understood his request, maybe better then you did. He wants experienced and RP fans

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Created topic  › The Rebel Kingdom. Declaration of existence

As I was asked by the Owner, to write a declaration of existence regarding the Rebel Kingdom, as within the plot of the Republicraft story, I've put it together, consulted him a few times, and here it is.

The Rebel Kingdom,

I, Tri

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