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Created topic  › The New World

Some ideas on the new world:

The World (Server) continues to be a survival Role Play, more oriented on Role Play, but with an increase on Economy and real life simulation

/tpa goes away. Since t

«  2018-07-31
Created topic  › Building needs

There's a need for voluntary work in doing some of the building designs. They don't need to be fully build. Sometimes, in Towers case, doing 1 or 2 floors can be enough, I can use world edit to replicate it and create the above floors.

«  2018-07-11
Replied to topic  › My call to United Nations

Subject close, until the public opening of the new world.

«  2018-07-11
Replied to topic  › My call to United Nations

@excrucioVII - please refrain from posting on this issues. You no longer have the authority to participate in such discussions. 

@triggerfish1 - I don't see how you provide a list of Socialist roles, while you haven't provided a constitution yet. 

- Your

«  2018-07-10
Created topic  › Server Reset

   I've watched the failure from the past days, which consists mostly of the following:

- People rarely give notice about them missing. Especially when they hold an important role that everybody depends on. Those who did give a notice, deserve full respect;


«  2018-07-06
Created topic  › First Call of United Nations

  Hello citizens and rebels,

  This is the first call of the UN, representing a call to peace and clear negotiation. The UN is the newest structure of the World and it has the primary goal to unite the world under some clear values, while nations are still distinc

«  2018-07-05
Created topic  › War penalty

First of all, 

   I resign the Judicial role that I currently hold in the State of Republicraft and I cease to Judge any trials that are related to problems inside your community.

   I resign the of Constitutional Guardian from the Stat

«  2018-07-04
Created topic  › Important notice about server

Hello citizens, rebels, hobos and others!

    I've been testing this idea back and forth and I've finally decided to step back. To give a real life correlation for technical aspects, so they would fit into the story, as much as possible, I will soon retire

«  2018-07-03
Replied to topic  › Weekly Voting Contest

This week's contest winner is ExcrucioVII with 43 votes.

«  2018-07-01
Created topic  › Joining RAT (Republicraft Assault Troops)

Before applying, make sure that:

- you are not a newly joining player and that you were active

and that you respect conditions listed here: http://republicraft

«  2018-06-30
Created topic  › This server is Role Play, not survival.

I'm aware that most of the players join in search of survival. Even if I restricted the release of Claim Blocks, only to be rewards of voting and as prizes for voting contest, you are still allowed to survive separate from the City, but this being a RP server first, the requirements are other

«  2018-06-28
Created topic  › Soccer Championship

Orientative time of the matches: 

«  2018-06-23
Created topic  › Football / Soccer ChampionShip

Hello dear citizens, 


    To make things a little less boring, we now have this soccer/football plugin, that looks a lot more like hockey, but we can call it any way we want. 



«  2018-06-22
Created topic  › New Stuff

Dear Governor and Councillors, 

    There are some features that were implemented in the past but removed due to various reasons, mostly because I couldn't keep up and didn't had a clear story. Back then I still had struggles in implementing RP features.


«  2018-06-20
Created topic  › Next Governor Mandate

Hello citizens of Republicraft, 

   We are close to Crimson's first mandate. Now is a chance for those willing to candidate, to show their intentions. 

"If - at the ending of one term, there are no other candidates, his current mandate is extended wit

«  2018-06-20
Created topic  › Some building contracts

The Common Bank would like to close 2,3 building contracts with different citizens, in building some of the assets from Serenity City.

A casino (plot 25 x 20) - the build should be around 20-30 blocks high. Sh

«  2018-06-19
Replied to topic  › Weekly Voting Contest

The first week of voting contest ended.

I see none of you did at least 35 votes. Hope you'll do better this time. It wou

«  2018-06-17
Created topic  › Proposal to the Governor and The Councillor House

   Esteemed Governor and esteemed Members of The Councillor House,

The new version of the Constitution is a little more hard on toxicity and law breaking.

As a Constitutional Guardian, I am not willing to let go of toxicity issue and I will go ag

«  2018-06-15
Replied to topic  › Public call for The Governor, Captain Crimson [The Councillor House]

The Councillor House came to life. Thank you Governor! 

Passes for implementation:

- chat labels

- accesses in the Gov building

- offices

- further instructions on how and where to debate.

«  2018-06-14
Created topic  › Public call for The Governor, Captain Crimson [The Councillor House]

Mr. Governor, 

     As you requested, the Senate was forever abolished due to corruption intends and misunderstandings over their roles. Now, it's time for our political life to back to the scene, so we can make a lot of progress into the new world.

«  2018-06-14
Replied to topic  › Weekly Voting Contest

Reply to #1 @captain_crimson :

Thank you Governor!

«  2018-06-13
Created topic  › Weekly Voting Contest

Current rewards for voting: 250$, 2 Claim Blocks, 3 XP Bottles and 1 Healing potion.

We really need to promote our server more and still keep the economy without any inflation. To make both things interesting, we're having a weekly contest.

Contest end

«  2018-06-12

This is the original post with time and description

I may add:

- Everybody will start from the same point. The /warp capitalcity. When everybody TP'd to the bus, I will open the doors and you are free to go

- Around the town you'll find some

«  2018-06-11
Created topic  › Looting event.



«  2018-06-08
Created topic  › Banner / Flag Contest

The Constituton 2.0 is almost ready. So is the Book of Laws together with Serenity City.

Since in the past we weren't able to make people aware of many symbolistics we had, we are trying again.

I believe that The new Constitution, The New Book of Laws and the new

«  2018-06-07
Created topic  › The Economy Update - Done!

Economy update was done.

All bank balances dropped to 10% of their initial value. All ingame /bal (pocket money) dropped to 0. I'm sorry for those who didn't put their money in the bank. I only managed to update it for the latest 2 players. But more then that, I cou

«  2018-06-04
Created topic  › Serenity Town Updates

The Republicraft Research Laboratory, 

-=Press Release=-

We will use some 3D printing technology to ensure the fast deployment of infrastructure items, so that Serenity City will be inhibited real soon. 

Serenity City is placed

«  2018-06-03
Replied to topic  › The Common Bank update.

Reply to #1 @captain_crimson :

Governor, you are informed that - in the last few days a total sum of 4925165 $ returned to The Common Bank, due to citizens leaving our world. The Bank is now storing much more money, preparing to put into circulat

«  2018-06-03
Created topic  › The Common Bank update.

The Common Bank needs to make some adjustments for our coin. For that to be done, it needs your help.

- AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, everybody put their money in the bank. Deposit all your balance "pocket money" using signs from the Bank. Keep it that way until I'll a

«  2018-06-03
Created topic  › Sadly, all good things come to an end

Dear Citizens of Republicraft,

   Since our return from Mars, we lived in danger, in darkness and in fear. We managed to survive in spite of pessimistic statistics and we managed to create a stable environment.

   With the writing of our fir

«  2018-06-03