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This is all very, very, promising. I will be on the lookout for its opening!

«  2018-08-03
Created topic  › I Am Sorry


I have been incapable, am incapable and will be incapable in performing my duties as Governor. I have too

«  2018-07-05
Replied to topic  › Important notice about server

It would seem that the server is truly becoming fully self sufficent in RP!

Well Done Pando!

«  2018-07-04
Created topic  › No Peace For The Wicked - A reply to the "King"

There will be no negotiations for those who do not come to a battle. Who do not care for logic, reason or honour. The King of Rebels owes

«  2018-07-04
Created topic  › On The Eve Of War

Eve Of War

The King of the rebe

«  2018-06-26
Replied to topic  › Football / Soccer ChampionShip

CAN'T WAIT!!! :))))

«  2018-06-23
Replied to topic  › Next Governor Mandate

I will once again run for the position of Governor. Pando has so kindly stated what I have done ,over my past mandate, for the Republic - I have defended it, I fought for it and I helped it move forward to what it is today! For my next Mandate I will have many promises a

«  2018-06-21
Replied to topic  › Some building contracts

Sounds brilliant! Can't wait to see the applicants!

«  2018-06-19
Replied to topic  › Public call for The Governor, Captain Crimson [The Councillor House]

In reply to your proposals for the positions of councillor:

ExcVII: I have no issues with him. He

«  2018-06-14
Replied to topic  › Weekly Voting Contest

This is very good - a downscaling of readily available, open-system, profit will limit the inflation while still retaining a healthy profit for those who put effort in! Well done!

«  2018-06-13
Created topic  › The New Constitution

Citizens of Republicraft!

        It is my great honour, joy and pride to announce the next step in our

«  2018-06-09
«  2018-06-04
Replied to topic  › The Common Bank update.

I will be looking forward to helping support/run those programs.

More money in circulation will help increase the amount of trade and could increase the player wealth ration (PWR).

«  2018-06-03
Replied to topic  › The Common Bank update.

I welcome this change

«  2018-06-03
Replied to topic  › Sadly, all good things come to an end

The new city will be glorious - the zenith of our work and the future of us all.

We should make many amends and progress further. I hope and wish all will work togethor to survive, thrive and live! 

May serenity live forever more than paradise. May we all

«  2018-06-03
Created topic  › force major

By the power given to me as the governor of the republic - I call in section J of the republicraft constitution and enact force major. May the owner do what it takes to change and save Republicraft.

«  2018-06-02
Replied to topic  › The Rebel Kingdom. Declaration of existence

I , the Governor of the Republic , recognise the independance of the Rebel Kingdom.

I request that their King and the senate (including me as governor) start negotiating terms of co-existence as soon as possible.

«  2018-06-01
Replied to topic  › Senate Scaling and Removal.

Senate President Archangel716,

I have no issue with CMPro'

«  2018-05-31
Replied to topic  › Amusement Park Help?

I would be more than glad to help! :D

«  2018-05-30
Replied to topic  › E-Banking

I am fully on board with this!! 

«  2018-05-29
Replied to topic  › Rebel Kingdom

Okay , thank you Pando for this. We will most likely discuss everything soon enough.

«  2018-05-29
Replied to topic  › Redenomination proposal

I don't particularly see a problem with this. Essentially everything will stay the same but we'll just express everything with one zero less.

«  2018-05-29
Created topic  › Senate Scaling and Removal.

Due to the many recent events that required a lot of senate participation but resulted in quite a lack of participation from some senator

«  2018-05-29
Replied to topic  › Leadership of the Rebels

No - I have no issues with this.

«  2018-05-26
Replied to topic  › A Second Life - Republicraft, Role-Play and The Future (A Public Letter)

Llycan, I'm glad you like the server

«  2018-05-26
Replied to topic  › Leadership of the Rebels

This is good RP.

«  2018-05-26
Replied to topic  › A Second Life - Republicraft, Role-Play and The Future (A Public Letter)

My aim in this public letter was to reassure everyone that RP is a good thing and should not be feared - it should be embraced rather than denied!

«  2018-05-23
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To reply to your commentaries:

“Minecraft played mostly by kids” Archangel the curr

«  2018-05-23
Replied to topic  › Republicraft, The Server - The Story

I love this! :D

«  2018-05-23