The New World

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Some ideas on the new world:

  1. The World (Server) continues to be a survival Role Play, more oriented on Role Play, but with an increase on Economy and real life simulation

  2. /tpa goes away. Since the States will be structured differently, there's no need to instant travel. Most of the traveling will be done with Plane, provided by pilots, if necesarry or by car/bike

  3. The world starts with 2 states. One of them is the ex-Republicraft , one of them is ex-Rebel Kingdom. The rebel Kingdom was named Craftenistan and is a socialist state.

  4. Above all states, there is the United Nations, which through Common Bank and Research Laboratory provides technology for governments.

  5. Both states will have a constitution and set of laws, that should not break United Nations set of laws. 

  6. In case of creating / modifying laws that are against the UN statements, governments can be called to international court of law for negotiation. UN can take economical measures against states that go wild.

  7. By default, the Craftenistan is not a member of the UN. It is up to the new leader to apply and get accepted.

  8. Each State starts in a different biome

  9. There is no more wilderness. The world is "frozen" and blocks can't be broken, since the last nuclear attack. The UN Research Laboratory can build and use technology to "clear" land of nuclear infection. So it did for the land of both states.

  10. Each state has a public mine, where it's citizens can mine for materials. The mine is limited by the biome it is in. The mines belong to each state and rarely reset, since it costs the UN a lot of technology to do it. Governments can negotiate and pay Research Laboratory for public mine resets (in some cases)

  11. UN has its own land. A remote island far away from nations. UN is not a nation but a head quarters of the member states. In exceptional cases, if all nations leave the UN, the UN can take armed measures to clear wars.

  12. There is an alien threat. After humans returned from Mars, due to alien threat - aliens come periodically and look over the development. Intelligence from Mars tells us that they might be planning an attack and take over.

  13. It is up to the UN to gather forces within nations, to train, prevent and be ready for alien war.

  14. What it is known about Aliens, until now:

    1. Sometimes they come with a great ship, close to any of the states, staying for days and observing. Not showing any presence.

    2. They use Androids to conduct fights (NPC) - that were also used in the Mars wars.

    3. Their war technology is somewhat advanced than what humans had. Luckly, UN Research lab has some of their technology stolen.

  15. The starting partner for the UN is the ex-Republic state, which has far more technology and dignity than Craftenistan. 

  16. Until the world is repopulated in a way in which the Nations can govern themselves, UN can do some primary laws and ruling, through some of the named people, or direct.

The World is opening again, somewhere between 25th of August and 1st of September.

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This is all very, very, promising. I will be on the lookout for its opening!

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