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There's a need for voluntary work in doing some of the building designs. They don't need to be fully build. Sometimes, in Towers case, doing 1 or 2 floors can be enough, I can use world edit to replicate it and create the above floors.

  1. Business Towers

    1. Ground Floor + 1 or 2 floor models, that i will replicate

  2. Apartment Towers

    1. Ground Floor. Floor 1 or Floor 1 and 2 - will be sectioned to rectangular apartments, also with some decoration. It will be multiplied by me to create the above Floors.

  3. Ground floor + 1 Floor Town house - 4 models

    1. 4 models of this house. It will be replicated to create a neighbourhood

  4. Ground floor + 2 Floor Town house

    1. 4 models of this house. It will be replicated to create a neighbourhood

  5. Car Dealership

    1. Should have an inside space to put info about the cars, to place some posters. Should have inside decorations

    2. Keep in mind that it will have some npc's inside. 2 to 4 npc's that will be the dealers.

  6. Driving School Building

    1. A building able to have enough space to put custom posters with the driving rules.

  7. Street Lights Design (Several models to choose from)

    1. Few pillars with a lightning device. Prefered to be redstone lamp with light sensor, to be ecological.

  8. The State Prison

    1. A building with cells, and an outside space.

  9. Embassy 

    1. 3 types of building to choose from, in having embassies in each state

Please show your interest in one building type. If 2 players share the same interest, please talk to each other and choose in a way we can cover as many distinct buildings.

The work will not be payed, but it will help you in receiving some reputation points in the new world, that can help you in the future.

Depending on what you choose, we will discuss and receive the proper materials.

Reply with one of the points you are interested in.

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2018-07-11   #1

I think I'll start with 

2. Apartment Towers

2018-07-11   #2

I would like to start with the state prison #8

2018-07-12   #3

I would like to start with the car dealership #5 if that is fine 

2018-07-12   #4

I would like to do #4 for now.

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