My call to United Nations

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     In attn to PapaPando (REPUBLICRAFT), the United Nations Representative,

     I, current Rebel King and some of my fellow Rebels, had some discussions and concluded the following:

    1. Ending of the war. Our reasons were purely economical. I tried to recruit some of the citizens in my will to grow economically. You know better that Crimson managed to bring peace and make some promises. 

    2. Since we lacked any economy - we sold weapons and good armors that were stolen in the past. We made a lot of illegal money at some point. You know better, what sanctions you applied while you were a Judge. I am sorry to say that I kept a lot of the money, in other people's accounts. I had given part of my money to citizens and an old senators, because I was afraid I will be executed by the Bank.

   3. I would like to pay the debt to common Bank. Me and my fellows, still have some money from voting. Summed up, we can pay the debt.

   4. We would like to change the Governmental form of our country and go with a Socialist Republic. We will be named, Comrades and not Rebels. We acted as rebels while we were citizens. In reality, we can not be taken as rebels for refusing to go to Mars. 

   5. I will give up my King role and organize free elections.

   6. We want to apply for economy funds, at the Common Bank and negotiate a good tax return to the bank.

   7. We want to apply and have an embassy, only if possible. To be able to recruit people through a NPC, like you said it will be possible at Spawn.

   8. Citizens of Republicraft, can as well have an embassy in our country.

   9. We accept any citizens willing to participate in elections. I do not want the power anymore.

   10. We accept the United Nations proposal, that the State of Republicraft should have an army base on our land, to fast deploy troups, through teleportation, in case of threats. We want to make a security pact. We want to live in peace. We just want to be able to run an economy, in the true sense.

   11. We want to allow citizens of Republicraft to live in our country as well, renting spaces for farming.

   12. We want to build a road connection to the State of Republicraft.

   13. All comrades want to offer their services in building or helping in building the new world. For free. No charges. No obligations.

   14. We will provide a list of roles, in the new Socialist system.

   15. We ask the United Nations to give us a name or to allow us to provide a name for our country. We accept any changes, any proposals from the UN side. 

   16. Remember that we, use the "Socialist" term, because we want to have a social economy - providing every comrade with a high and equal standard of life and equal opportunities. 

   17. We will provide a copy of our Constitution, soon.

    18. We will conduct elections separately from the server's poll plugin. If it is possible to set us up, it would be great, but we don't want any pressure on Research laboratory.

   19. I WON'T participate as a candidate in elections. I can only run a forum topic for that and allow comrades to vote and declare the winner and send the results for validation to the United Nations so that Research Laboratory can change tags.

  I realise that this war, put a lot of pressure on the officials of Republicraft. I am sorry, but I do not regret it, but I know I can do things better from now on. 

   With great respects, 

    The Ex-King, The future comrade!


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"14. We will provide a list of roles, in the new Socialist system. "

This just came to mind.

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@excrucioVII - please refrain from posting on this issues. You no longer have the authority to participate in such discussions. 

@triggerfish1 - I don't see how you provide a list of Socialist roles, while you haven't provided a constitution yet. 

- Your call is rejected. It's not the time or the place. Yet. it will be taken in consideration after the State of Republicraft comes "alive".

- Since you are "Ex-king" - It's better for you and for your future - not to get involved in anything in the formation / transformation of the Rebel Kingdom. 

- It is still a Kindom

- Until the kingdom is repopulated, the issues will be conducted by the UN together with free elections.

2018-07-11   #3

Subject close, until the public opening of the new world.

Topic has been locked. Prohibit replying.