First Call of United Nations

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  Hello citizens and rebels,

  This is the first call of the UN, representing a call to peace and clear negotiation. The UN is the newest structure of the World and it has the primary goal to unite the world under some clear values, while nations are still distinct and keep their independence.

   The UN can give sanctions only through Common Bank and Research Laboratory, in limiting money flow and technology. 

   The UN is an independent region, with no economy and no inhibitants, it is a land where economy settings, technology and world archive is kept, a place where you can come, by invitation, to negotiate relationships with other states.


   The first call, also has some proposals, written as a check list to bring peace and make sure the 2 states are functioning in good parameters.

   1. Cease fire! The approach of Rebels in declaring war is unfair, has no realism, is filled with chaos and looks like a "band of criminals" behaviour and not like a nation that wants to raise itself. War can be understandable to some extends, but not in this case. I ask triggerfish, the Rebel King, cease fire and make peace! I ask any remaining officials from Republicraft to show signs of peace as well and open heart in supporting this.

     Not putting weapons down in this situation, is a risk for the Rebels in getting distroyed as a nation. This is not a threat! The State of Republicraft can afford to buy a lot of weapons and can afford to buy the most powerfull of all. The goal of the UN is to make peace, but if we do not agree upon it, things may get very ugly as we need to ensure the survival of the species in good parameters.

   2. Naming a temporary Governor, from within the Councillor House. If Buiz or ExcrucioVII accept this role they will be named Governor of the State, recognised directly by the United Nations.

   3. All states must provide the United Nations with a copy of their Constitution. The State of Republicraft already has one that needs to be updated. The Rebel Kingdom must have a constitutive act as well. United Nations can offer drafting services for free, in uncertain times like this. I'd like both States to be contacting me.

  4. The Rebel Kingdom can have access to the Common Bank, but only after they cease fire, create a Constitution and change the form of Governing. 

  5. Research Laboratory is opening the gates to contracts for weapon delivery, but only after the State of Republicraft aquires new leadership. The Rebel Kingdom has an interdiction in buying weapons, until they show a lot of hard work in building their world.

  6. The State a Republicraft, through a licensed leader, must try and start a legal debate with the Rebels in putting a military unit in the Rebel Kingdom. If it comes to an agreement, the Research Laboratory will be placing a TP sign, from Serenity RAT Unit - to the military unit owned in the Kingdom, to make intervening for peace faster.

   7. The Rebel King is asked to present an inventory of the weapons and ammo so that UN could come to a resonable amount of weapons holding, as an international law. 


   So I ask the remaining officials of Republicraft and King of the Rebels, to give their input and show interest in solving this issue. International penalties can be put in a way that both states will become economically paralised. Please make the world continue, in peace and try to make prosperity.


     United Nations representative.   

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