I Am Sorry

By captain_crimson at 2018-07-05 • 0 collector • 91 pageviews


I have been incapable, am incapable and will be incapable in performing my duties as Governor. I have too much going on outside of the server to focus on it and its affairs; hence I will be abandoning my position as Governor - I would do more harm than good retaining it. 

Anyone who thinks this is my surrender or my anger at sanctions - they are wrong. I would gladly continue playing if I could but alas I am simply unable to. 

I'm sorry for the horrible time I am leaving the server in, however this is for the best and if I could do something else - I would.

I still support the effort of the republic and wish the best of success to the United Nations - which is the greatest advancement of RP in all of our history hence I pass on all my attributions to the United Nations.

I'm sorry, so very very sorry.

"May We All Live In Serenity..."

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