War penalty

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First of all, 

   I resign the Judicial role that I currently hold in the State of Republicraft and I cease to Judge any trials that are related to problems inside your community.

   I resign the of Constitutional Guardian from the State of Republicraft. I will symbolically hold that role until the constitution is updated and modified. Until that happens, no-one is yet the guardian of your constitution, directly, but only by the attributions of a citizen.

   I will be conducting ONLY the technology of the world and the banking system together with creating the United Nations structure.

   I ask all states, that after the war - reform your Constitution. The Kingdom should CREATE a constitution. The final form of the Constitutions will be deposited in the United Nations as "the last updated version" and the United Nations , through Research Labs - will list them under proper category.

For not properly dealing with the war, except for some superficial negotiations, some sanctions are applied starting today:

Tuesday, 3 of July 2018

- The plane ticket on route Spawn - Serenity / Serenity - Spawn has a cost of 500$

- /as tp can't be done, so bypassing the ticket payment can't be done.

Next sanction:

Friday: 6 of July 2018

A 10% tax applied to all balances above 10k (pocket money and back accounts) applied to all members of the world.

Saturday: 7 of July 2018

Sanctions applied by the Common Bank, directly to Rebel Kingdom:

- The King had a debt of 350k (in the old money system) from which he payed 180k, with a remaining of 170k.

- By the redenomination, in the new money system, the King's current debt is 17k. With penalties for being late and not showing interest in paying, an extra 50k and 1 point of untrust market at the common bank, for the Rebel Kingdom.

Sanctions applied by the Common Bank, directly to Republicraft Government:

- While the economy of Republicraft is limited to 5 million max, that can be put into circulation, the limit is modified to only 4.5 million.

Sunday: 8 of July 2018

- Meeting at the United Nations. Members required:

- King of Rebels or a designated member of the kingdom.

- Governor of Republicraft or a designated member of their state.

If leaders send their designated members, they should provide a book, signed by the leader, in which they state "I agree with <name> to represent me at the United Nations meeting". The designated member, must carry this book so he can enter the UN building.

The meeting is NOT mandatory. It's ment to find a solution in coming to a peace agreement and stop sanctions to both nations, that can be imposed by the Common Bank.

Why these sanctions:

  1. Because the general feeling was not at all in trying to stop the war, but to really have fun with it, which leads to consequences, like in real world.

  2. Because of the lack of activity, which is not the main problem, but caused a lack of interest and things can't go like that.

  3. Because of the lack of unity between the governor and the councillor house.

By the end of Crimsons mandate, things will only be in your hands. This doesn't mean, changing flags to regions or fucking over things in any way by transforming the server to survival. RP remains on top of everything. Things stay in the same plot, in the same area,except that,you will be the masters of your own destiny. 

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