No Peace For The Wicked - A reply to the "King"

By captain_crimson at 2018-07-04 • 0 collector • 53 pageviews

There will be no negotiations for those who do not come to a battle. Who do not care for logic, reason or honour. The King of Rebels owes a debt to the republic - since, nay DUE to, the inception of his kingdom - which he has NOT payed. Yet he wishes to take more from us, to rob us and to make us glad of his criminality. Well the republic says NO! 

NO to lying wishes for peace! 

NO to the wishes of the wicked!


Trigger - You are hereby given OUR ultimatum:

1) Abandon ALL your weapons and pay your debt.



2) Continue this pathetic war of yours.

The Republic wants peace however you do not, you want power & explotative profit!

You Will Get Nothing.

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