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Hello citizens, rebels, hobos and others!

    I've been testing this idea back and forth and I've finally decided to step back. To give a real life correlation for technical aspects, so they would fit into the story, as much as possible, I will soon retire from running the Judiciar Branch of the State of Republicraft.

I will be doing so, by the end of current Gov's mandate.

As I was saying, so I would fit in the story, I will only be running The Common Bank and Research Laboratory, which they are practically the same, but only separate as features and naming so this would be more realistic and would give us more meaning.

Research Laboratory: handles all technicall aspects of the world. Implementation of new features, that I will have full right to bring into the world, negotiation upon them and extending current features.

Research Laboratory handles the mass production of some items that can be sold directly to leaders or companies from a state, either State of Republicraft, either Rebel Kingdom, either any other states, if any in the future.

For example: gas, that needs to run all vehicles, weapons and weapon production licenses and recipes, bus lines with stations, 3D printing of buildings for institutional purposes only, if no companies are willing to build them.

This things that Research Laboratory is providing, will not be opened to "free buy" - like, any state comes, shows the money and they will buy it. Every existend state, will make a contract for providing or NOT providing some of the items, or for limiting them, or making sure they stay within the laws of the states participant in the world.

Research Laboratory will put "server rules" first, defining them as World Rules, meaning that hackers, cheaters, abusers of server rules or toxic people, will be kept away and expelled back into the orbit with no chance or few chance of them returning.

The Common Bank - will not issue more then 5 million $ for the current state of Republicraft. Once the Research Laboratory will provide internet banking - that budget can be under the administration of the Governor. 

Keep in mind that, The Common Bank will have some things to say about the economy - and it will be the Common advisor for all nations. Common Bank has no power on enforcing laws, but has the power to give penalties for states not behaving economically safe.

All current independent nations, should make contracts with Research Laboratory and the Common Bank. We will discuss this, close to Crimson's current mandate end, sitting at the table and putting terms and conditions down.

If Crimson will have no counter-candidates and he will get a mandate extension, I will be happy to see him run the State - totally independent - being able to condition not only the rebels but the relation with the CB and RL. 

If he doesn't get a mandate extension, I think he has the enough experience to become the Judge of Republicraft. He had seen a lot, he has experience as a lawyer, he is good at drafting, proposing and putting things down when it comes to Laws. Either way, Judge or Governor - I know he will provide with 100% professional services.

Other things that will be changed:

1. Common Bank and Research Laboratory will also sell some of the stuff for real money. 
All things sold for real money can also be bought with larger sums of ingame money.

There will be a donation hall. Every past / current donor - will be named, and put a diamond block for exposition, for each real life dollar he donated. 

2. The future Governor or current one, doesn't matter who, will be able to edit the public places that he governs, being able to appoint companies to work on streets, public services buildings and so on. Like in the current case of the rebels, where the leader can edit any part of the region, except for those who passes as private to others. In Serenities case, rented houses will only be edited by their renter or owner.

3. Doors, gates, buttons will be 100% accessible everywhere, in every state. The difference will be made by the fact that you can buy "locks" with pin numbers.

4. Referal system that will offer gifts to all those who invite people.

5. Possibility of a nation to start a second or third city, by buying "region" from the Common Bank and Research Laboratory, licensing the new towns in their state. 

6. Tax collection, to make sure the money circulate in each state and Government will have financial power to develop.

7. Each state, sets their own taxes, according to their economical model, if any, making the states competitive in recruiting new citizens.

8. I will not be be a Constitutional Guardian. Every nation will need it's own Constitution, that fully states their laws (within the technical current limits). Every leader or assembly of a nation should guard their own constitution. 

9. My attempt to create the United Nations, with representatives from each state. UN will be an advisory institution, without any law enforcement or conditions. Only prevention of war and peace making institution. This will replace the last idea of "Monks" which didn't work.

10. In the end, all nations will be responsable for their fate and the others can respond in peace or in war, depending on possibilities and financial power. 

Let's see things fall into peace. After that, I will advertise for some new players, which I hope we can greet in peace. 

Here is a short diagram (a stupid one) - on the role play architecture and the flow.


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It would seem that the server is truly becoming fully self sufficent in RP!

Well Done Pando!

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