This server is Role Play, not survival.

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I'm aware that most of the players join in search of survival. Even if I restricted the release of Claim Blocks, only to be rewards of voting and as prizes for voting contest, you are still allowed to survive separate from the City, but this being a RP server first, the requirements are others.

First of all, it is expected that all players should act according to RP rules and laws. You are not restricted by the RP life. As you all know (especially those who are old on the server) - the RP can be extended through real life intentions. Meaning that, even if you are a Cop, it doesn't mean you can't do bad things until caught, or if you are a citizen it doesn't mean you can't act like a rebel. Every situation is dealed with RP tools and people are removed only for going against server rules.

That said, a lot show interest in RP mainly for the Social Status. I'm not pointing fingers and naming names. It's not 100% the current situation, but it was in the past. In the present, there's still this feeling. 

People avoid RP confruntations and only play to have their own fun. Being a citizen, is being part of a society, even if you like it or not. It's a server requirement. Being a citizen and having some facilities, doesn't mean you can go distand in the wild and not participate at all at city life or RP actions. 

If you feel "there's nothing you can do" - of course there isn't. Because people do not gather to deal with town issues. People come in Serenity to take their loot, put stuff at the store and run back to the wild. 

Most of those in the wild, only claim parts of their buildings, without claiming all land they use. People agree with "Grief allowed on unclaimed stuff" until it happens to them. Most of the people have admin requests when bad things happen. Until then, no-body notices anything. 

We have a huge town, with a lot of apartments for rent, pretty affordable. No-one lives in them. 

If there's a RP situation, people avoid it. 

When we were speaking about war, a lot of heroes showed up, but with some requirements "when trigger quits can I take over". I'm sorry, you don't get the whole point of the server. 

First of all, I only intervene for republicraft state, in matters of legal issues and technical issues. Except for that, in the past I've been watching fights with 5 rebels against Burnett, and couldn't intervene. 

My powers are limited by the laws I created together with Crimson, not by technical limits. I can not fight with OP powers against normal players. I only provide for the Republicraft state, what there is to provide. Nothing extra.

Except for Crimson, which totally gets my idea and the server point and the Councillors that I am really proud of, they are nothing close to compare with the old senate. They act in the way of the law and they RP when it is necesarry, no-one gets anything.

Except for the current political class - I am proud of the Rebels. Of course, I will give a big penalty to Trigger for not being active , if things continue that way - but they had the biggest contribution to RP, since day 1. 

If you want to have RP fun, play. If you want the society to grow, play. Stay online when you have time. Deal with RP. Help new players. Fight with the rebels, be active in the present. 

I can't even start some ads, if the server is empty. I will lose most of the money I invest in advertising, because people rarely connect to empty servers. Or if they do, they leave. 

I have no problem with new people coming and leaving. I have a problem with the empty server.

I created a loot event. First time it was fun. Second time, I did a lot of work in tuning it. No-one showed up, and the ones showing up, were not even playing anymore. They just came for the loot, which is not a big problem after all.

But no-one gave an advice, no-one spoke with the Governor or the Councillors if they had feedback in improving. 

In the end, I've done a huge amount of work, only for people to treat the server as it was their own or like it's their right to go against it. I'm sorry, if you want survival, please just join survival servers. If you want RP and you are not satisfied with this one, at least do not take roles and then be inactive. 

As I had exposed my feelings of sadness, I publicly declare that, from this moment on, the server is 100% - and I'm going to be sure of implementing that. 

I have no BIG problem with inactivity, I have a big problem with , taking roles and not performing them and with "avoiding RP" only to play in solitude or far away from the society.

For those citizens acting that way : you should become rebels if the state of republicraft is no use for you.

If current players  will not behave in a RP way, which is the server pattern, they will be slowly removed from the society. I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm sure one day the right people will come. If you feel you are right for the server. Stay, develop, help, have fun, help others, contribute. Otherwise, leave. No-one forces you to stay. If you stay only for your own benefits - still, not ok. 

If you feel the need to criticize - thing again - and better give constructive input - to help - not to break. A great server is build by it's players. The admins should only do their technical jobs. 

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