On The Eve Of War

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Eve Of War

The King of the rebels has declared war on our sovereign nation for no reason.

He threw slander and curses upon us - Tactics of Weak

He slew those alone and helpess - Tactics of Cowardice

And above all else he believes himself superior - Tactics of the Foolish.

He will fall by the hand of justice, his kingdom will crumble under the swords of our army and his betrayal will be retributed by allies of fate. 

Our might will shine through our blades, burst through our bombs and flame through our gunfire.

I swear.

By all which is holy,

by all which is not,

He shall fear the raging fire in the soul of a nation.


I hereby decalre a state of emergency

Every citizen, get ready for we shall go to war. We will fight and we will win. No doubt about this fact.

For Freedom. For Morality. For Serenity.

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