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Dear Governor and Councillors, 

    There are some features that were implemented in the past but removed due to various reasons, mostly because I couldn't keep up and didn't had a clear story. Back then I still had struggles in implementing RP features.


   I'd like to ask you the following: keep in mind that the rebels were created because they contributed to our server and because I included them in the book, so they are part of the plot, we have to deal with it, with RP laws.

Some new features:

  1. Soccer (which kinda looks more like hockey) - Works fine so far, but it's safer to come play without inventory. This is why I placed some enderchests in the Arena. There's an arena which is more suitable for 1 vs 1 . We will build a bigger one maybe, if you find the current one inconvenient. I talked to the developer of the plugin, it is possible that he will create "ingame" knockout tournaments, which can be fun. This feature is here to stay.

  2. More intensive robbery. I noticed you made a habbit out of putting money in the bank, which is great. In the past, some experiments were done with robbery. When killing another player, a small amount of his pocket money would drop from him, directly to the killers balance. This will contribute a lot to RP, giving more meaning to the police and more flexibility in choosing how your character will behave. This feature is coming and going to stay. Keep in mind that the sums of money dropped will be reasonable for the victim, but still convenient for the killer, while the sum is not 0. 

  3. The new onboarding system. Joining players are not hobo's anymore. They will join (far far away) - on an orbital station. They will be presented with both sides stories and features: citizens and rebels. When joining, they will be ranked "stranded" - a rank that is not permitted to go outside the Orbital Station. At the end of the tour, two NPC "Ambassadors" will greet them. One on behalf of our State, one on behalf of the Rebels. They will have to choose on of them. The messages will be "<player> joined the State Of Republicraft" - and he will be moved to C (citizen rank) or "<player> joined the Rebel Kingdom" - and he will be moved to R (rebel rank). Switching back and forth between these 2 classes, won't be easy, to prevent abuses.
    The Rebel kingdom is far away, like 100k blocks away from Serenity. We will be able to get there, via some teleporting signs within some ships. The new spawn is 99% finished, I just need help from you with 2 things: 1. testing the design and experience and giving input 2. Text proposals for presenting both sides.

  4. Teleportation scrolls. Purchesable with ingame money (not cheap at all) - or with real money (pretty cheap). This could be a good source of income for those willing to purchase them, since they will be able to sell them ingame. Every TP scroll will broadcast a message, so players won't be confused and accuse of hacking. There will be 2 types of scrolls: Spawn Scrolls and Serenity Scrolls, their names speak clearly about their purpose.

  5. Health system: NPC Nurse selling bandages and splints at a fixed price. Ability for players to craft splints and bandages, that can be sold in every shop. A Doctor NPC selling more serious cures, that should not be put to sale. A Doctor Role, which will receive a salary from the Government for periodically vaccinating the citizens to make their immunity stronger. The Doctors will be allowed to receive tips, since the vaccines will be provided by the Government. Doctors will also fight in future wars, providing medical care for those who are poisoned or hurt in any way
    Modifying parameters of the diseases to decrease the occurences on some events.

Updates on Rebel Kingdom:

Since some of you were not around when the Kingdom was introduced, I will make a short update:

 - They have their own City State, named Rebel Kingdom.

 - Triggerfish has absolute control in that region, being appointed as the region owner.

 - Their Kingdom runs on absolute monarchy

 - Same as us, they lack teleportation, except in their own Spawn area.

 - Except for voting money, that come from the Common Bank, they receive nothing from our Govenment

 - They are allowed to recruite new comers or existing citizens, with their own strategies, but as you already know, letting go of our citizenship can have some consequences. 


On the updates:

 - At first, I agreed only the King to wear a chat label, but I extended it to Queen as well and I might be flexible on creating new ones. As you already know, they are only chat labels so I don't care who weares them as a Rebel.

 - They can change the form of government either to democratic either to dictatorship, which is pretty much what they have now, but only named Kingdom. For that, trigger will only have to request that from me and I will run a command to update their labels

 - They have no admin support, except for big parts of their kingdom being build, the King still owes 180k to our Government. While we were at peace - I sold him some materials for building, on credit. 


As for our city, it was updated with a lot of secret places, like the old capital, meaning that you could find NPC's or signs that give you all kinds of valuable informations in receiving something or in performing a "quest" to receive something. Either as item, legal or illegal, either as information.

As said above, I would need your help in the next days, in the limits of your play time, so I could make some things clear, about the messages put in the Space station and / or spawn. 

If available for help, please PM me. 

Thank you!

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