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Hello citizens of Republicraft, 

   We are close to Crimson's first mandate. Now is a chance for those willing to candidate, to show their intentions. 

"If - at the ending of one term, there are no other candidates, his current mandate is extended with another 45 days and is not counted as a different mandate." (from Governor Role Description)

Please show your intentions to candidate, with a reply to this post, with a clear message on why you want to candidate and what are your promises.

Let's not forget that, in his first term, Governor Crimson:

- formed an army in 20 minutes, while Triggerfish had a jailbar stolen from Police Chief

- defended the Constitution and kept his promise on creating a stable Senate. Let us all remind of the old Senate, with the constant Constitutional breaking. Governor Crimson fulfiled his promise from the campaign. His first attempt of clearing the senate of unsuitable citizens, led to a series of events that showed a lot of corruption from the Senate. Which was the best thing that could happen for the stability of the State, recreating it from scratch and making stronger laws.

- kept peace with the rebels for almost a full mandate, until Triggerfish went crazy

- set the basis of the company laws

- acted 100% in a RP way which had a positive effect on our small society

So, if your intentions are to candidate, please do it now. Closing the candidature acceptance on 22 of June , 11 PM (GMT + 2)

Poll starts 22 of June 11 PM (GMT + 2) - ends 25 of June 11 AM (GMT + 2)

Minimum total votes for election validation is 7 votes.

Basic conditions:

 - A RP person

 - somewhat active

 - no criminal record

 - holding a citizenship in the State of Republicraft.

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2018-06-20   #1

I will be running for the position of Governor. I have been an active Councillor for some time now, and I have been eager to serve as Governor since the position became available. I am extremely motivated and dedicated to the people of Republicraft. In my previous campaign, I noted that I wanted to help cultivate the growth and expansion of our server. This has never, and will never change. Below are two examples of goals I am to set if elected as your Governor. They focus on the safety and expansion of our society.

1) This election comes at a time of uncertainty with issues regarding the Rebel Kingdom. It will be my top priority to ensure the safety of our citizens by working endlessly with the Councillor House to find a way forward that keeps our people safe.

2) Serenity is wonderful, but it is still growing. As I've stated, growth and expansion are my two main goals. With that in mind, I plan to dedicate myself to aiding the continuing construction of Serenity City, whether it be building things myself, or providing resources to other builders whos skills surpass my own, free of any charge. I know that freely offering resources is risky regarding my personal finances, but I find it a small price to pay for the expansion of our glorious city.

2018-06-21   #2

I will once again run for the position of Governor. Pando has so kindly stated what I have done ,over my past mandate, for the Republic - I have defended it, I fought for it and I helped it move forward to what it is today! For my next Mandate I will have many promises and aims:


    I will work with the council and with the rebel kingdom to establish the most prosperous and peaceful relationship that can be - we may be at a time of tension but we have always been able to move past that and go from the night of war to the sunrise of peace; now we are reaching, and are so close, to the bright, shining, glimmering day of Serenity!


    I will help to move forward our city and society with the laws and actions it needs, it deserves. Laws that will help protect citizens and give them the fullest knowledge of what is going on in the laws - with public letters, announcements and statements.


    I will help to move forward our economy and property forward with projects to give more people the ability to live and prosper as they would want to; for more to be free and have the greatest opportunities while retaining the protection from our laws. Parks, farms, plants for the public to use at their leisure.

Vote for Peace. Vote for Progress. Vote for Prosperity.

Vote for Crimson.

"May We All Live In Serenity"

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