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The Common Bank would like to close 2,3 building contracts with different citizens, in building some of the assets from Serenity City.

  1. A casino (plot 25 x 20) - the build should be around 20-30 blocks high. Should have a feel of  "Casino" . Location of the plot is by the end of the main road in Serenity, 30-40 blocks further from the Hospital. 

  2. A Monastery Complex ( plot is around 40 x 60) - should contain: 2 or 3 blocks high wall, surrounding the Monastery. A entrance gate. The Monastery itself. And 4 to 6 small hut. Design is not necessary to be gothic, but to have a feel of "church" or "mystic"

  3. Extended Storage - for Common Bank - This is a project I am negotiating with Buiz - at the moment. 

   For all buildings, the builders must use their own materials. Unfortunately the Common Bank remained a mess since the move from the past area and it's hard to get items from. Either way, The Common Bank is a little short on building materials so building with your own items would be at best.

   The selected builders will a payment of 50% of contract value, in the beginning at contract signing - so it would help them get materials and work force.

   The payment for builds:

  1. for the casino 40 000 - 20 000 at contract signing / 20 000 at the end 

  2. for the Monastery Complex  60 000 - 30 000 at contract signing / 30 000 at the end

All builders can receive a bonus at the end if builds are really wow. Every effort will be payed.

Only one builder per building will be selected as the owner of the project - the person the State will sign the contract with. The selected builders CAN hire other people for help and pay them from the contract value. 

To apply please reply here with:

Ingame name:

What project are you in for:

An estimate date ( in real life days) in which it will be done:

If you team up with someone (at first have their agreement): who are the persons you will hire

The last mention about "team up" is so I would know who to add as plot owners. I suggest you make signed contracts in case of hiring.

The builders will be personally selected by me after applying and will have to meet me for contract signing.

As a general idea, the contract will contain:

 The Common's Bank administrator responsability to pay. The desired date for finishing the project (negotiated with the builder). Statements including what happens if the building is not done at time and / or what happens if the build is abandoned and the project gets postponed.

Thank you!

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Sounds brilliant! Can't wait to see the applicants!

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