The King and The Queen

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  Dear Rebels and dear Citizens of Republicraft,

  It is my great honour to announce that I did not choose a Queen, but rather she chose me. 

xXThemisXx fell in love with the Rebel Kingdom, without even knowing me too much. She showed great personallity and great intends in making the Rebel Kingdom a better place.

   She will be loved, but not treated differently. All Rebels must fully participate in the development of the Kingdom. Infact, she'll have a harder job, in setting an example for all Rebels out there, for those who didn't join us yet, but have a rebel soul and for those who already joined. 

  It is my great joy to address an invitation to the Rebel Wedding, for all Citizens of Republicraft. The Wedding will take place in the Rebel Kingdom, inside our Palace, in the Dinner Room.

The event consists of two parts:

  1. Introducing xxThemisXx as a Rebel

  2. The Wedding

  3. Introducing xxThemisXx the Rebel Queen

The ceremony will be without a priest, since we do not have any Rebel to be a Priest. I will be asking for her hand and she will be asking for mine. All those presents at the wedding, are asked to agree, formally, of course, to give the ceremony a little more spirit.

After the 3rd part of the Wedding, party with Vodka. REPUBLICRAFT promised a stack of vodka for the party, as a gift from the State of Republicraft. 

See you all at the Rebel Wedding.

With Love, 

    King TriggerFish1

P.S. Thanks for all those who are making this RP server a great place. I know I wasn't active lately, but I kept it in my heart and soul. I wish to thank Republicraft and Captain Crimson for this story we live in, which I find, by far, the best second life simulation ever.

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