Proposal to the Governor and The Councillor House

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   Esteemed Governor and esteemed Members of The Councillor House,

The new version of the Constitution is a little more hard on toxicity and law breaking.

As a Constitutional Guardian, I am not willing to let go of toxicity issue and I will go against it for always. I may be a little hard on people, but I think it's the best thing to be. 

Citizens should respect authorities and the State of Republicraft, while holding a citizenship.

Lately, some people returned from Mars to join our community. I see an issue here, since they just want to go into the wilderness, complain about the hard life and do nothing within the Capital.

We should all understand that the safest placest are Public Towns. We have a monster-shield around it that prevents them to spawn inside. They might, at the borders just come and visit, but they won't make it downtown.

Republicraft Research Laboratory - had a long time research program, preventing new people to enter directly into our world. The Orbital Space Station is ready for testing on Sunday. RRL will activate a magnetic shield around our world, preventing new comers only to come through the Orbital Space Station. 

While at board of OSS - they will be instructed with clear text holograms about our world. 

To offer the respect the human kind deserves, they will be instructed about the Rebel Kingdom as well. We faced the reality, we know they exist and people should be able to choose. 

We are doing RP + 1


By the end of Friday (Bucharest time 11pm (GMT+3)) - The hospital will have the Doctor sign - payable 750$ to heal anything and a shop for common health problems, like Broken Leg, Open / Flesh Wound. 

The Health Care can not be free. We restarted our economy and we need to get it running. Taxes are not yet payed so nothing can be exactly free, except for the sponsorship for voting, received from The Common Bank.

The parameters of getting some health events, will be changed, decreasing chances of getting some health issues. But still, the wild is dangerous and will remain dangerous. Otherwise it will stay in contradiction with our story. 

As a second step to increasing health, some common cures will become Licensed to Company Owners, that will be able to create LegSplints and Bandages to sell in authorised medical shops or to open Private Hospitals where they can sell them.

At the moment this issue is blocked because I still have that 1% of law thinking on Business creation which I want to debate (and not only) with you, this weekend. 

Just to let the new Councillors know, because It's possible they do not know it yet, The Constitution gives me the right to write the initial laws on new features released. So, for you not to worry that I will step over your jurisdiction, I wanted to explain why I have made this proposal. 

By Friday night (my time) I will be posting the Company formation laws - so we have what to debate this weekend.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the update.

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