Public call for The Governor, Captain Crimson [The Councillor House]

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Mr. Governor, 

     As you requested, the Senate was forever abolished due to corruption intends and misunderstandings over their roles. Now, it's time for our political life to back to the scene, so we can make a lot of progress into the new world.

    We've come so far and yet, there's much more to walk until our State becomes stronger and is led by honor and truth. I'm sure that the First Councillors, together with you, The Governor, will write some great pages in the history of the Republicraft State. 

The Councillor House has 4 slots available:

The Role Description can be found here:

As the Role Description speaks, I'd like to propose to you Mr Governor, the following Citizens as the first members of the Councillor House:

Llycan, Buiz and ExcVII

  1. ExcVII: is a new player, but had shown a lot of interest in Role Play, which was a good sign for me, as the Constitutional Guardian. I appreciate him for asking a lot of questions about our world and willing to give some advice. I find this citizen suitable for being a Councillor that should represent the law and every citizen's wish.

    2. Buiz: is not a new player at all. Infact, I think he's pretty old - and even if he missed a lot for a while, when he rejoined, he rejoined in full Role Play. Buiz was very specific in asking questions about our past events with the old senate and knows how to behave in RP. I think his point of view will be a solid rock on the foundation of our State.

3. Llycan: A player, i think older then Buiz. He has been around for a long time, since we were not RP at all. When he first met with RP in Republicraft, I think he gave it a chance, since now, today he wants to get involved in our RP Society. Since his long time on the server and involvement in our society - I'd like to propose him as well, as one of the first members of the Councillor House.

Now, Mr. Governor it's your Constitutional duty that you examine my request and let me know who passes, who doesn't and why so we would know what our current status is.

In case all 3 pass, we will have an extra slot, the 4th one, opened for any future RP addicts. 

If all things go well, we can have our first meeting this weekend, in the new Government building where all of you will get your private office and access to the meeting room.

Thank you!

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In reply to your proposals for the positions of councillor:

  1. ExcVII: I have no issues with him. He seems reliable to me and I agree with you personal evaluation of his character and behaviour. I expect great things from him.

  2. Buiz: Is a very good player, has had a history of political ideals that are very tightly linked and supportive of Section A of the constitution. I expect a lot of progress to occur with him as a councillor.

  3. Llycan: I know the least about him but his persistence and entrepreneurship shows admirable qualities - I am expecting to see good things with him.

All of them are approved by me - they should make good councillors.

I am very excited for our first meeting; hope to see them all very soon!

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The Councillor House came to life. Thank you Governor! 

Passes for implementation:

- chat labels

- accesses in the Gov building

- offices

- further instructions on how and where to debate.

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